Cosmetic Dentist – Farmington Hills, MI

Creating a Smile That You Can Be Proud Of

The health of your smile should always come first, but if your teeth are currently in good shape, why not take the opportunity to address any aesthetic flaws that you’re unhappy with? Our Radiant Dental team loves having the chance to help patients create the smiles of their dreams with cosmetic dentistry services such as veneers or direct bonding. Start your smile transformation by giving our dental office a call and setting up a consultation for cosmetic dentistry in Farmington Hills.

Why Choose Radiant Dental for Cosmetic Dentistry?

  • Personalized, Long-Lasting Veneers
  • State-of-the-Art Treatment Planning Technology
  • Personable, Friendly Dentists and Team


Woman smiling with row of dental veneers held by cosmetic dentist in Farmington Hills

Some patients are bothered by multiple imperfections such as visible tooth cracks, stubborn stains, and worn-down teeth. You don’t have to correct these problems one at a time; we can simply cover them all up at once by placing dental veneers. In addition to being versatile, veneers are also quite durable and can last for over a decade before needing to be replaced. And compared to your natural teeth, they don’t stain as easily.

Metal-Free Dental Restorations

Several dental crowns and veneers on table next to dental mirror

If you are concerned about people noticing that you have had dental work done, you will probably be happy to know that modern dental crowns and fillings do not have to be made out of metal. Instead, our team can use tooth-colored materials that seamlessly match your smile. Even if you have a significantly damaged tooth, you can still show it off with confidence once we have finished repairing it with a reliable, natural-looking restoration.

Direct Bonding

Dental patient heading ultraviolet light shone on tooth during direct bonding procedure

Minor imperfections often call for a less invasive form of cosmetic dentistry. Direct bonding lets us quickly cover small flaws with composite resin. The resin will be very carefully sculpted so, to the average person, it will just look like a natural part of your tooth. In many cases, the composite resin can be applied and hardened in place in just a single appointment, meaning you can get the results you’re looking for in a short amount of time.

Teeth Whitening

Man having his teeth professionally whitened in dental office

Even if you’ve been successful in keeping your teeth as clean as possible, you may still end up with some discolored spots in your smile. The good news is that oftentimes, a lackluster grin can be brightened with professional teeth whitening. At our dental practice, you can have a personalized teeth whitening kit (which usually takes around a few days but can be used in the comfort of your own home).

Smile Makeovers

Close up of person with straight white teeth smiling

The steps that need to be taken to create your ideal smile can vary from patient to patient. Sometimes you may even require more than one type of cosmetic dentistry treatment; in that sort of situation, we can create a smile makeover plan for you. A smile makeover is a combination of multiple services meant to enhance the appearance of your teeth. The ultimate goal of the process is to properly address every aspect of your grin that has been bothering you, leaving you with results that will have you beaming.