Preventive Dentistry – Farmington Hills, MI

How We Keep Your Smile Healthy

Even if your teeth and gums are currently in good shape, there’s no guarantee that they’ll stay that way. If you want to protect your smile from cavities and other oral health complications, then you should take the time to visit the dentist at least once every six months. Our team at Radiant Dental is happy to help your entire family improve their oral health, so if you or any of your loved ones are due for a dental checkup and teeth cleaning soon, give us a call to schedule your next preventive dentistry visit here in Farmington Hills.

Why Choose Radiant Dental for Preventive Dentistry?

  • Dental Patients of All Ages Welcome
  • Focused, Personalized Patient Experiences
  • Deep Roots in Local Community

Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

Young woman smiling in dental chair at preventive dentistry checkup

There are two important things that happen during your biannual dental checkups and teeth cleanings. First, plaque and tartar are removed from the spots in your mouth that you may have had a hard time reaching with your toothbrush. Second, our team will check for warning signs of tooth decay and other oral health issues; if we find any, we can explain what treatments are available for addressing the problem before it can become a serious threat.

Children's Dentistry

Five smiling kids sitting on bench

Having a family dentist who can see your children is convenient for everyone. As a parent, you won’t have to worry about making appointments at separate dental practices. Meanwhile, your little ones will benefit from having a compassionate dental team that will be able to continue caring for their smiles even after they reach adulthood. When you bring your children to our dental office, don’t be afraid to ask us any questions you might have about their oral development.

Gum Disease Treatment

Person pointing to red spot in their gums

Do your gums seem to bleed easily? It might be a sign that you have gingivitis – the first stage of gum disease. If you want to stop gingivitis from turning into periodontitis (which could end up costing you your natural teeth), then you should visit our office for gum disease treatment. With scaling and root planing, we can remove harmful tartar hiding beneath your gum line, and we can smooth out the roots of your teeth to aid with the healing process.

Oral Cancer Screening

Close up of dental mirror in mouth showing red spot in gums

Men, tobacco users, and people over the age of 55 are more likely to develop oral cancer, but even individuals outside these groups could potentially develop this deadly disease. It’s important to make sure your mouth is regularly screened for oral cancer in case treatment is needed. If you visit our office for a dental checkup, we can perform a quick oral cancer screening and let you know immediately if we find any symptoms that warrant a biopsy.

Fluoride Treatment

Dentist placing tray over teeth of young woman in dental chair

“Fluoride” is a word you’re likely familiar with; after all, it’s an important ingredient in many different kinds of toothpaste. Teeth that are regularly exposed to fluoride don’t decay as easily. We might recommend a quick fluoride treatment at your next appointment if we think you have a notably high risk for cavities. We can also offer silver diamine fluoride as a non-invasive, pain-free way to treat cavities in children.

Dental Sealants

Illustrated row of teeth with barely noticeable dental sealants

Has your child recently started learning how to brush their teeth? If so, it’s important to realize that it will take a while for them to fully develop the skill. In the meantime, it’s usually a good idea to take steps to help protect their molars, which can be hard to clean thanks to their location. A thin layer of dental material is applied to the tops of the teeth in question in order to give them an additional line of defense against bacteria.

Athletic Mouthguards / Sportsguards

Athletic mouthguard hanging from football helmet

It’s not a good idea for an athlete to step foot on the field or court without first making sure they have the right safety equipment. No matter what kind of sport you play, a mouthguard is essential for making sure your teeth are protected in the event of an accident. If you want a mouthguard that fits perfectly on your teeth, talk to our team. We can use impressions of your smile to create a mouthguard that’s designed just for you.

Nightguards for Bruxism

Model of the jaw with clear nightguard over the teeth

Your smile will naturally experience some wear and tear over the years, but if you grind and clench your teeth at night, your enamel might become worn down significantly faster than normal. The good news is that if our team finds the telltale signs of bruxism, we can give you a personalized nightguard to prevent further damage. Wearing a nightguard every night helps ensure that the upper and lower rows of teeth are safely separated.