Clear Aligner Orthodontics – Farmington Hills, MI

Start Your Journey Toward a Straighter Smile

Even if you’re already an adult, it’s still possible for you to benefit from straightening your smile with orthodontic treatment. And if you’d rather not have to worry about wearing highly visible metal braces, you can talk to our Radiant Dental team about wearing clear aligners instead; this alternative to traditional orthodontics lets you correct your alignment issues in a less noticeable way. Feel free to call us today if you’re interested in setting up a consultation to learn more about clear aligners orthodontics in Farmington Hills.

Why Choose Radiant Dental for Clear Aligner Orthodontics?

  • Reliable SureSmile & Invisalign Clear Aligners
  • Fast & Precise Digital Dental Impressions
  • Welcoming Dental Practice and Friendly Team


Several clear aligners on table with only one pair in carrying case

When you choose Invisalign, step one is for us to take impressions of your smile. You’ll then be given a series of aligners as well as instructions on when and how long to wear each one. As you progress through the series, the aligners will slowly but surely move your teeth closer to where they’re supposed to be. Don’t worry about missing out on your favorite meals; you can simply take your clear aligners out of your mouth when it’s time to eat.

Learn More About Invisalign


Hand holding a clear aligner

SureSmile is similar to Invisalign in that it involves using clear aligners to correct orthodontic issues such as crowded teeth or bite problems. That said, a SureSmile treatment can often be completed in less time, (between six to 18 months on average). Furthermore, SureSmile aligners offer an excellent fit and are a good choice for making very precise changes to the alignment of your teeth. And like with Invisalign, you can remove your aligners so that you can eat whatever you want or brush your teeth like you normally would.