Restorative Dentistry – Farmington Hills, MI

Restore Your Tooth’s Health and Appearance

Your teeth are protected by enamel, the hardest substance in your body. As such, it can be difficult to imagine that they could ever be damaged – but unfortunately, cracks and cavities are always a possibility even with the best dental care available. Luckily, a damaged tooth can often be rebuilt with a dental restoration. Get in touch with our team at Radiant Dental today to learn more about the services we offer for helping injured or decayed teeth function properly again with restorative dentistry in Farmington Hills.

Why Choose Radiant Dental for Restorative Dentistry?

  • Lifelike, Long-Lasting Dental Crowns
  • Fillings That Blend in with Your Smile
  • Focused, Personalized Patient Experience

Dental Crowns

Model of the jaw with dental crown over one tooth

When it comes to dental crowns – caps that can completely cover injured teeth – we are proud to offer a number of lifelike options, from EMAX crowns to zirconia crowns to porcelain crowns. Why settle for an unattractive metal restoration when you can get one that matches your other teeth? Of course, our crowns do more than just enhance your appearance; they can protect and strengthen badly damaged or decayed teeth so that you can avoid further oral health issues.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Close up of illustrated teeth with barely noticeable tooth colored fillings

If a cavity’s still small, fixing it can be as simple as placing a filling. For this type of restoration, we use a special kind of material known as composite resin. Unlike the metal amalgam that dentists used to favor, composite resin doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb; on the contrary, it can be shaded to blend in with the tooth so well that the average person likely won’t even realize that you have a filling to begin with.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Close up of person smiling with straight white teeth

A single restorative dentistry treatment typically won’t cut it if all of the teeth in your mouth need to be rebuilt or replaced. Patients who need extensive restorative work done can ask our team for a full mouth reconstruction. The treatment plan can potentially include any number of procedures that we deem necessary for your oral health, from fillings and crowns to tooth replacement options such as dental bridges. No matter what the needs of your smile are, we’ll customize the full mouth reconstruction process to meet them.